soil conservation service tracks and fire trails

Tracks and trails

Our team at the Soil Conservation Service has extensive experience in planning, constructing and maintaining access tracks, fire trails and walking tracks.

Access tracks and fire trails

We have the technical knowledge and practical experience in the construction of access tracks to minimise environmental damage and on-going maintenance.

Transport corridors, access tracks and fire trails play an important role in providing safe and effective movement. However, concentrated traffic and uncontrolled rainfall runoff can create serious erosion and sediment issues which, in turn, affect the utility of these tracks.

Our specialist team can help you maximise the service life of access tracks through effective:

  • planning advice and selection of suitable track routes and track design
  • identification and restoration of track surface erosion problems
  • preparation of environmental audits and track surface condition reports
  • construction and maintenance earthworks
  • selection, testing and installation of suitable track surface and foundation materials
  • rehabilitation and revegetation
  • vegetation removal (with appropriate permissions)
  • monitoring and maintenance.

Our specialist team is frequently engaged by TransGrid, the Rural Fire Service and the National Parks and Wildlife Service for track construction and maintenance.

Where there is environmental sensitivity around creek crossings, heritage sites and the presence of endangered plant species, we can deliver based on experience and expertise. Our team can offer practical advice in access track management to save you time and deliver on budget.

If any of your access tracks are eroded, muddy or difficult to use, contact our specialist team.

Walking trails

Our expertise in erosion control, trail maintenance and the conservation of native vegetation make us ideally suited for walking trail management.

We have extensive experience in walking trail management. Our work includes maintaining the Great North Walk from Sydney to Newcastle and the Six Foot Track in the Blue Mountains.

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