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Erosion and sediment control

The Soil Conservation Service is a leader in providing consulting advice for erosion and sediment control.

Protection for infrastructure

Uncontrolled surface water and flood events often leave structures at risk, and expose valuable pipelines, infrastructure and assets.

Our team and contractor network have extensive experience in projects to protect infrastructure from erosion.

Our projects have included design and construct solutions for:

  • beachhead and marine erosion events
  • flood exposed high-pressure gas mains
  • erosion threatened bridge structures
  • exposed fibre optic cables
  • water and sewer mains
  • undercut roads and embankments
  • exposed pipelines
  • dam spillways.

The solution to these issues is a thorough understanding of the flowline's dynamics, related catchments and the upstream activity. Our experience takes all these into consideration when finding a practical solution for your problem.

Gully management

A gully is caused by water flowing in a concentrated area that is not sufficiently protected by permanent grass cover. Soil Conservation Service employs a number of gully filling and shaping practices to control and divert water run-off.

This brings back unproductive areas and improves efficient land use and access.

Broadacre erosion control

Our specialist team has a long history in planning, designing, laying out and implementing erosion control earthworks over large areas.

We work with landholders to prevent broadscale soil loss through catchment and property scale planning

Sediment management and control

Our people are extensively used by the NSW Roads and Maritime Services and Australia's leading construction companies to achieve the best possible outcomes in erosion and sediment control.

From highway upgrades to gas pipeline infrastructure, our qualified and experienced soil conservation experts can lead and coach your teams to meet best practice in erosion and sediment control.

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ICEA international erosion control association member

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