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Marine and coastal rehabilitation

Our specialist team and contractor network mean we can manage and implement your large scale marine and coastal rehabilitation projects.

Soil Conservation Service’s track record in marine rehabilitation

Australia’s east coast is one of the world’s most beautiful and sensitive environments.

However it is readily and often severely impacted by development, stormwater, violent storms and recreational pressures.

The Soil Conservation Service has spent decades working in this fragile environment, developing and implementing programs involving:

  • beachhead erosion rehabilitation and mitigation
  • vegetation restoration
  • dune formation and shaping works
  • repair of blow outs
  • working with land managers to sustain public use.

Coastal erosion rehabilitation

Coastal erosion control requires a long term plan, a systematic approach and a combination of both soft and heavy engineering solutions. Our team will work with you, designers and the community to develop and implement practical solutions.

The Soil Conservation Service specialises in all of these aspects and has a proven track record in successful beach reclamation. We also work with all various stakeholders in these areas of environmental sensitivity.

We have successfully addressed severe erosion issues in areas with a long history of failed stabilisation attempts. These projects have seen erosion addressed to protect the natural environment, infrastructure and community assets. These projects build areas of high amenity for the community to enjoy.

Coastal dune and vegetation management

Where development along the coast has encroached onto beach dunes, the natural protective vegetation is often destroyed, resulting in erosion of the dunes.

We have been involved in many programs, typically involving filling in blow outs and reshaping eroded dunes.

This work prepares the dune for planting with a native cover crop to provide initial cover while more permanent species establish.

Projects such as the 40-year Kurnell Dune Program highlight our capacity to successfully manage dune stabilisation projects for the benefit of our community and natural environment.

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