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Our services to agriculture

From erosion control to dam construction, gully management and property planning, we offer landowners a full range of innovative land management solutions.

For 80 years we have assisted farmers and property owners to manage their land with a wide range of soil management services.

Our specialist team continue to provide practical help and offer solutions to common issues affecting farming and property management in NSW.

Why farmers and land managers choose the Soil Conservation Service

We have a reputation for understanding farmers’ needs and providing realistic solutions to land and water management issues. Our skilled and highly trained operators are knowledgeable, reliable, practical and efficient.

We connect landowners with local and trusted suppliers where required and can help you to both protect and innovate your farming practices.

We are committed to providing quality services for the right price.

Our services to agriculture

The team at Soil Conservation Service can help you improve your land and farming business through:

  • Assessing the physical characteristics of your property (both constraints and opportunities) and developing a tailored management plan.
  • Rehabilitating degraded land, like areas affected by overgrazing and erosion by implementing structural works such as banks and waterways, or management practices such as strip cropping, conservation tillage, crop rotation, contour ripping, pest management, fire prevention and vegetation management.
  • Connecting you with a range of local suppliers and expertise.
  • All aspects of dam construction and farm water supply by locating farm dams and watering points for the greatest efficiency in providing water to stock and domestic purposes as well as controlling erosion.
  • Building gully control structures including reshaping sides of the gully and filling old gullies to return unproductive areas back to production.
  • Providing rabbit control including warren removal and destruction of burrows.
  • Replacing open bore drains with polypipe using our highly efficient pipe laying techniques.


To find out more about how we can help, please get in touch:

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