soil conservation service projects

Staff at the Soil Conservation Service

Our greatest asset is our people, both our team who work for the Soil Conservation Service and our extensive network of contractors who support our projects. Our focus is on building a skilled and diverse team who can provide innovative and practical solutions.

Our reputation

The Soil Conservation Service team has a reputation for seamless project management and expert knowledge, backed by decades of experience.

Our people and contractors are well-trained and offer specialised skills in their fields of expertise. They work closely with our clients and the community to deliver natural resource projects across NSW that provide long-term, triple-bottom-line results.

Comprehensive service delivery

Our projects range from conservation earthworks to large-scale contaminated sites, derelict mines, river restoration, coastal rehabilitation and emergency response work.

We provide end-to-end solutions from concept to delivery, including design and costing, through to managing project construction or engaging local contractors.

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Experience where it counts

Our 80-year history has cemented our reputation as NSW’s most trusted provider of specialist services in environmental consulting, conservation earthworks, program management and project delivery.

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