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Soil Conservation Service has an 80-year history in working with farmers and land managers to protect and improve their land.

Our specialist soil conservation team are spread across NSW to support land managers with their soil and farm management issues.

Our reputation for understanding your needs and providing practical solutions is well known in rural NSW.

Conservation earthworks

Controlling runoff to prevent soil erosion, safely storing and distributing water, and rehabilitating eroded or disturbed areas are key elements in the sustainable management of properties and catchments.

Well designed and constructed earthworks have proven to be a cost-effective and reliable measure for soil and water conservation. These works are a sound, long-term investment for landholders who are concerned about protecting their land assets.

We are committed to providing quality service for the right price, operating a modern and efficient fleet of bulldozers, and making substantial investments in training to develop our operators to the highest standard.

Dams for water storage and erosion control

Farm dams for stock and domestic water supply, when located and constructed properly, greatly enhance the value and aesthetic appeal of any property.

In addition to providing a reliable source of stock water, farm dams can be useful in controlling erosion:

  • reducing flows by storing runoff
  • trapping sediment on-site
  • blocking active gullies and diverting flows to a stable area
  • drowning-out active gully heads with stored water.

Lack of attention to the catchment runoff, water supply requirements, site selection, and standards for design and construction is likely to result in dam failure.

Our specialist team has strong technical and in-paddock expertise in:

  • locating dams to maximise water storage
  • dam and spillway design
  • using the right construction technique for each situation.

Contour Banks

Broad-based banks are used on farming country to intercept runoff flowing down paddocks to prevent significant soil movement.

Their low profile allows the entire bank to be farmed, and does not restrict access around the paddock. The banks are slightly graded to carry the flow to a stable outlet. This is either a natural watercourse or a constructed, grassed waterway.

Polypipe laying

To reduce water waste and conserve underground supplies, a program of replacing open bore drains with polypipe is being implemented across NSW.

We have developed efficient pipe laying techniques, used for piping bores and reticulation of stock water around farms.

Farm property management

With over 80 years of experience, the Soil Conservation Service has local expertise to assist you in establishing a stable and productive property.

Our design and works capability in conservation earthworks is second to none and our property management plans for soil and water conservation will enhance your property.

Earthworks programs are often part of an overall property plan that incorporates other management issues such as land use strategies, fencing, tree planting and water reticulation.

In this way, you are able to develop your property in an orderly and integrated way, consistent with your needs and budget.

Funding is available for soil conservation work

The Soil Conservation Service is a commercial business and operates on a fee-for-service-basis.

A number of current funding programs support drought-related soil conservation work on farms. Find out more about support available.

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When the Soil Conservation Service marked it out originally, we looked at the marking points and thought they'd got it all wrong but then the next time it rained it all worked perfectly.

Chis Heyer, "Caradoc Park", Mullaley

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