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Jobs and careers at the Soil Conservation Service

Why work for the Soil Conservation Service

At the Soil Conservation Service, we pride ourselves in having passionate people who are experienced in protecting and enhancing our natural environment and supporting project delivery.

Join our team and take the chance to work on fulfilling projects, contribute and learn from some of the best in the environment field.

As a NSW Government employer, we recruit on merit as outlined in the Government Sector Employment Act 2013. The NSW Government is continually named one of the best places to work in Australia and we have a very strong commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Our flexible work environment allows you to manage lifestyle and work commitments.

We also offer continued learning and development throughout your career at the Soil Conservation Service.

If you have a ‘can do’ mentality and a passion for actively implementing conservation works and projects, a career with the Soil Conservation Service is waiting for you.

About the Soil Conservation Service

The Soil Conservation Service is a commercial entity within the Department of Regional NSW.

We are an environmental consulting business with a focus on environmental construction in areas including:

  • land rehabilitation
  • river and foreshore stabilisation
  • construction of fire trails and access tracks
  • contaminated sites
  • conservation earthworks
  • project management.

See what kind of projects we manage.

Current vacancies

Interested in finding out more? We advertise our current vacancies on the I Work For NSW recruitment website.

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Your career path is ready

There are a wide variety of roles in the Soil Conservation Service which in turn need a wide variety of people, skills and experience.

We have seen many careers started in our organisation through entry level positions based in the field or in the office.

People have joined us with little experience and through training, mentoring and on-the-job experience have formed rewarding careers within our ranks and beyond.

Our performance development program means you can work with your manager to identify a career path and then build your skills, qualifications and experience to follow it.

Roles in the Soil Conservation Service

There are a range of professions that make up the Soil Conservation Service workforce. While our roles vary, we all work together to deliver for our clients and help improve NSW’s environment.

Following is a broad overview of the groups of people in our team

Our Business Performance Team provides corporate functions to support our on-ground projects. Included are finance, project, quality, and procurement support experts who all work together to make sure things are done the right way.

Field officers are our on-ground operators and critical to getting things done on the ground. Positions range from entry-level to highly skilled technicians.

Project managers are responsible for managing projects of varying scales. They may have direct reports and can either rely on management or technical skills, or a combination of both.

Coordinators are responsible for leading teams to implement work on a broader scale. People and management skills are needed in these positions

Managers and Directors are accountable to a region or business area. They manage higher-level issues, competing priorities and take a strategic approach to business to deliver on the Soil Conservation Service strategic vision.

We also encourage trainees to join us and develop their skills and abilities and have had great success with schools-based trainees, Indigenous trainees and more recently disability cadetships.

A great example is the Hunter Aboriginal Riverkeeper Team, which has helped people develop their skills while making a real difference to our environment.

Meet our staff

Soil Con is a great place to work, but don't just take our word for it!

Below three Soil Con staff members talk about their job and what they love about working here.

Interested? Keep an eye on our social media pages and the I work for NSW website to find out when jobs are posted.

My career at the Soil Conservation Service started straight from uni as a Conservation Field Officer in 2007. Since then I’ve been fortunate to work in most roles in the business and have great opportunities for training and development. Over the years I was able to take on more challenging projects and senior roles in the organisation.

Kurt Laboyrie, Southern Area Manager, Soil Conservation Service