Local Government Soil Conservation Service

Local Government and the Soil Conservation Service

The Soil Conservation Service works with all levels of government and the public sector to rehabilitate and build Australian environments.

We offer a wide variety of construction, infrastructure and environmental services to deliver high-quality results. Our projects are founded on a detailed understanding of what is practical, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

We have a reputation for seamless project management and expert knowledge, backed by decades of experience. Our team is well-trained and offer specialised skills across a range of fields of expertise.

We leverage this expertise to build the right team to deliver your project.

Our services to local government

We are a specialist service provider to local government and have a long track record of successful projects.

Our services to local government include:

  • Protecting sensitive infrastructure from erosion. We have designed and constructed solutions for flood exposed high-pressure gas mains, erosion-threatened bridge structures, exposed fibre optic cables, water and sewer mains, undercut roads and embankments, exposed fuel pipelines, dam spillways and more.
  • Rehabilitating public land, geotechnical landscaping and repairs, aeolian erosion control and revegetation of degraded coastal areas, riverbank protection, sediment control, soil erosion, regrowth and weed clearing.
  • Providing construction services, including trail maintenance and rehabilitation, road construction, construction of dams and contour banks, construction of sewage treatment works, river works, fencing construction and more.
  • Specialist environmental consulting including resource planning and assessment, soil surveying and landscape mapping, groundwater mapping and salinity control.
  • Maintaining tracks and walking trails. Our expertise in erosion control, trail maintenance and the conservation of native vegetation make us ideally suited for this type of work.
  • Rehabilitation of derelict sites including specialised revegetation works for contaminated land, capping of waste rock & contaminated material, drainage control works, water treatment, backfilling of open shafts and mine safety works.

Contact us

To find out more about how we can help, please get in touch:

Look up your local office.

Email: scs.enquiries@scs.nsw.gov.au

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