soil conservation work drought funding

Funding for drought work

A number of current funding programs support drought-related soil conservation work on farms.

Soil Conservation Service has a long and proud history of working with farmers to improve their land, environment and business.

From erosion control and dam construction, through to large scale gully management and farm water supply, we help landowners and land managers grow and rehabilitate their properties.

Our staff can provide practical solutions to some of the biggest issues affecting agricultural production and property management.

Farm innovation fund

The NSW Government Farm Innovation Fund helps primary producers identify and address risks to their farming enterprise, improve permanent farm infrastructure and ensure long-term productivity and sustainable land use.

The program offers low-interest loans for eligible work; including soil conservation, erosion control and refurbishing/desilting ground tanks.

Find out more about the Farm Innovation Fund.

Landcare tax offset

There are also tax deductions available for capital expenditure that farmers incur on a landcare operation.

Landcare operations include:

  • earthworks to prevent or combat land degradation
  • drainage works for salinity or drainage control
  • building a levee or similar improvement.

Find out more about the landcare tax offset.

Find out more

Contact your nearest Rural Financial Counsellor to find out what support programs are available to you.

Contact your local Soil Conservation Service office to discuss your project with us.