Building fish habitat on the Nepean River

A project with Penrith City Council has seen large root balls and logs reintroduced into the Nepean River to improve fish habitat for the benefit of biodiversity and angler alike!

The project site was affected by historical environmental issues, with erosion and sediment impacting the river. Reintroducing woody debris and revegetating the bank will help address these issues, as well as building habitat for biodiversity and recreational angling. This material comes from Transport for NSW from local road upgrades.

The project is thanks to a Fisheries Habitat Action Grant from the Department of Primary Industries. Our specialist staff worked closely with Penrith City Council during the application process, providing technical input into the grant application and supported council through process.

As a first of its kind in the Hawkesbury-Nepean Catchment, it will provide a great starting point for similar projects in the future, as well as community education and awareness.