Ballina estuary rehabilitation to protect aquatic habitat and fertile farmland

This innovative Ballina estuary project was recently completed to address serious soil erosion.

Through NSW Government funding, the project targeted an 800m length of estuarine floodplain. This stretch was dropping a 1.5m high scarp face of fertile agricultural soil into this rich aquatic habitat at around half a metre a year.

Partnering with North Coast Local Land Services, we worked with the landholder on a complex design involving hardwood timber pins supplied by Forestry Corporation.

There were a few challenges to contend with, and design needed to allow for optimal mangrove growth, floods and tides, and balance cut fill without going too wide a footprint.

The mangroves are beginning to move in already. Thanks everyone involved in this innovative and iconic project!

These works form part of North Coast Local Land Services Marine Estate Management Strategy project, funded by the NSW Government and complement previous efforts of the Local Land Services in Emigrant Creek Catchment.

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