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Public sector procurement and the Soil Conservation Service

The Soil Conservation Service is a fully commercial business division of the NSW Government’s Local Land Services.

Our specialist team delivers environmental consulting and soil conservation services in the market, primarily land rehabilitation, erosion control, project management and resource protection.

As such, we work closely with all levels of government, commercial organisations and landholders to build and rehabilitate the landscape.

Project managers working in government agencies may be interested in the guidelines on contracting the Soil Conservation Service.

Why work with us

Our projects are founded on a detailed understanding of what is practical, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

We have a reputation for seamless project management and expert knowledge, backed by decades of experience. Our staff are well-trained and offer specialist skills in multiple fields of expertise.

We leverage this expertise to build the right team to deliver your project.

The Soil Conservation Service operates within a fully certified Integrated Management System and has been accredited in the following standards:

  • AS/NZS/ISO9001:2008 Quality Management Systems
  • AS/NZS/ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems
  • AS4801:2001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.

Provisions for government to engage the Soil Conservation Service

Did you know that project managers working in Local Government and NSW Government agencies can directly engage the Soil Conservation Service without a tender process?

You may still want to go to the market to confirm our position as a competitive supplier, however direct engagement can offer you time and resource savings.

Local government provisions

Section 55(3) of the Local Government Act provides that a Local Government Authority need not go to tender with ‘...contract entered into by a council with the Crown (whether in right of the Commonwealth, New South Wales or any other State or a Territory), a Minister of the Crown or a statutory body representing the Crown.’

Section 4B(2)(e) of the Soil Conservation Act provides that the Corporation is, for the purposes of any Act, a statutory body representing the Crown.

NSW Government

Under NSW Procurement Board Direction 2018-03, a NSW Government agency may obtain goods and services directly from any NSW Government entity that provides these goods or services in the exercise of its principal functions consistent with competitive neutrality principles.

A procurement strategy may be required for government-to-government engagements valued at $150,000 (ex GST) and above, as required under your department’s procurement policy.

Agencies entering into this type of arrangement with the Soil Conservation Service can therefore do so without the need for a competitive process, ensuring value for money is still achieved.

About competitive neutrality

As a government entity working in a competitive environment, we work under the NSW Government’s competitive neutrality principles:

"The competitive neutrality principles aim to promote efficient competition between public and private businesses. Specifically, they seek to ensure that government businesses do not enjoy competitive advantages over their private-sector competitors by virtue of their public sector ownership."

Essentially, this means that publicly-owned businesses should not enjoy any net competitive advantage as a result of public sector ownership.

Further information on government procurement and competitive neutrality

Section 55(3) of the Local Government Act:

NSW Procurement Board Direction 2018-03:

NSW Government competitive neutrality principles and complaint mechanism:

NSW treasury policy statement on the application of competitive neutrality:

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