Creek Restoration

Client- Hunter Water
Task- Bank Protection Works, Throsby Creek
Value- $650,000
Date- 2011-2012


Hunter Water engaged the Soil conservation Service to provide assessment and conceptual designs for a reach of Throsby Creek in Newcastle. The Creek has a long history of human intervention and was once known as a large stormwater drain with channelization and concrete/sandstone lining undertaken in the 1930s. Large sections of old bank works have failed and the creek has been returning to health with colonisation by mangrove and saltmarsh species and large numbers of fish.

Hunter Water undertook a long process of community and other stakeholder liason with SCS involved.


To design and construct bank protection and associated works and undertake all site management. 

Works Undertaken

SCS was engaged to manage the site including all traffic management including cycle and pedestrian diversions, Environmental management planning including erosion and sediment control, waste and ASS planning and management, all OHS management and local community liason onsite.

The works were undertaken over a period of 6 months in 3 stages: 273Lm of rockworks on one bank and 195 + 120m of rockwork on the other bank. Works also included adjacent stormwater upgrade works, constructing a concrete boat ramp to access the creek and all making good works including reconstructing concrete cycleway and large areas of turfing.

The sites are located in popular local public parkland adjacent to residences and public assets such as roads, cycle paths and bridges. Difficult site access required creation of stockpile compounds and double handling of rock up to 300m along the bank as well as utilising a number of different excavators to construct efficiently and to minimise damage to assets.

Throsby Creek

South bank before works.

Throsby Creek

South bank post works.

Throsby Creek

North bank before works.

Throsby Creek

North bank post works.

Throsby Creek

Construction area adjacent to assets.

Throsby Creek

Boat ramp and revetment constructed.

Throsby Creek

Construction aiming to minimise impacts.

Throsby Creek

Site close to houses and public roads.


The works were undertaken in a very public and sensitive environment with a number of concerned stakeholders. SCS successfully managed the works with zero environmental or OHS issues. Feedback on the works has been overwhelmingly positive to from stakeholders to the quality of works and the manner in which they were undertaken.

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