River Revetment

Client - Newcastle City Council
Task- Rock Revetment Hunter River, Hexham
Value- $399,000
Date- September 2011


The Soil Conservation Service was engaged by Newcastle City Council to undertake an assessment and prepare a plan to control erosion of a 300 metre section of bank along the Hunter River at Hexham. The bank had eroded to a point where the adjacent road we threatened. The Soil Conservation Service was subsequently awarded the contract to undertake the revetment works.


The objective of the works was to control the bank erosion caused by wave action from passing boats and overland flows from the road. This will ensure the long term stability of this section of
River and protect existing vegetation, infrastructure and services.

Works Undertaken

The works undertaken during this project included:

  • Revetment of 300 metres of the Hunter River using 300mm to 700 mm diameter rock
  • Construction of a loading pad for rock onto a barge carrying a 20 tonne excavator used to place rock on bank.
  • Construction of a rock flume within the revetment area to convey water from the road into the river.
  • Revegetation of river bank on completion.

Hexham works

Bank before rock revetment works

Hexham works

Bank stabilised with rock

Hexham works

Rock flume to control flows off road

Hexham works

Constructed flume

Hexham works

Barge with excavator and rock

Hexham works

Rock revetment and revegetation complete


The section of the river has now been stabilised reducing the risk to existing infrastructure and services.

Existing native vegetation along the river is now safe from undermining and collapsing. The Project was completed on time and within budget without any safety or environmental incident.

For more information please contact your local Soil Conservation Service representative, or email scs.enquiries@scs.nsw.gov.au.

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