Project Management

We have the expertise and resources to design and implement major environmental works programs and conservation earthworks. We are a leading authority in the implementation of soil and water conservation works. We employ a full-time works team and own an extensive fleet of heavy earthmoving machinery.

Some of our success stories involve the construction of:

  • riverbank stabilisation works
  • runoff detention basins
  • sediment control ponds and wetlands
  • farm and water supply dams
  • artificial wetlands
  • erosion control works
  • access tracks
  • loose rock channels and fishways
  • gully control structures
  • broadacre banking systems
  • masonry and rock chutes
  • revegetation/landcare projects and
  • polypipe laying.


For more information please contact your local Soil Conservation Service representative, or email

Page last updated/reviewed: 31 Mar 2014