Soil Conservation Services

Soil Conservation Service’s training and education program

The Soil Conservation Service team is available to share their practical skills and experience in our comprehensive training program.

These training programs help project managers, civil engineers, plant operators, rural landholders and environmental managers implement best practice techniques in environmental management and natural resource conservation.

Our training in natural resource protection and land management uses expertise built over 80 years of delivering practical environmental solutions in the field.

Our proven training programs have been developed to meet the needs of industry and land managers.

We also offer flexible and tailored courses to meet your specific needs.

Construction site erosion and sediment control training

Our specialist team is ready to help you limit your impact on adjacent environments.

Our construction site erosion and sediment control training is designed to deliver the knowledge and skills aligned to specific national industry competency standards. It applies to:

  • urban subdivisions
  • the building industry
  • road and rail construction and maintenance
  • power line and service corridors
  • industrial developments
  • mining industry
  • forestry operations.

The training course provides valuable insight for people involved in urban development and natural resource management.

Topics covered include:

  • introduction to erosion and sediment control
  • selection and construction of erosion and sediment control measures
  • revegetation for erosion control
  • preparation and review of erosion and sediment control plans
  • introduction to soils
  • conservation agronomy
  • best practice construction site management
  • project planning for soil conservation
  • engineering design and construction of erosion and sediment control measures
  • awareness of environmental impacts and relevant legislation
  • onsite management of erosion and sediment control programs.

Completion of the course gives your team an understanding of how they can minimise environmental risk associated with construction activities and work to meet your legal and regulatory requirements.

Conservation and land management training

Training courses are available to the rural sector and agencies in catchment management and soil and water conservation.

We use lessons learnt from decades of experience to aid land managers in practical resource and environment conservation.

Conservation earthwork in the rural sector

We also provide training in conservation earthwork aligned to the rural sector.

This training utilises our vast experience in this area to provide targeted course modules for rural property owners, including Crown Lands, National Parks and Wildlife Services, contractors and land developers.

The training focuses on land resource assessment and management, specifically relating to:

  • waterways
  • dams
  • banking systems
  • gully rehabilitation
  • stock and domestic water supplies
  • access tracks.

Tailored to meet your needs

Where practical, we prefer that our training focuses directly on the activities, issues and conditions relevant to your industry sector and workplace.

Our training is designed for flexible delivery through face-to-face teaching supported by:

  • self-directed learning
  • slide and video presentations
  • practical demonstrations
  • written and practical exercises
  • field trips.

We also offer a variety of short courses, workplace activities and home study. You can tailor your training program to meet your particular needs.

Qualified trainers

All of our Soil Conservation Service trainers have current industry experience and detailed theoretical and practical knowledge in their field of expertise.

These skills are complemented by formal training qualifications.

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