Education and Training

More and more, we are challenged to better manage and conserve our natural resources. Industry recognises the need to actively limit the impact from their activities on adjacent environments. Soil Conservation Service (SCS) provides training in natural resource protection and land management using its expertise gained from 70 years of delivering practical environmental solutions in the field.

Our proven "off the shelf courses' have been developed to meet the needs of industry and land managers. We also offer flexible and tailored courses to meet specific and evolving needs of clients. SCS focuses on tried and true methods of achieving best management practice in works activities affecting the environment.

Construction Site Erosion and Sediment Control Training

The Construction Site Erosion and Sediment Control training program is part of the nationally endorsed Conservation Earthworks Training Package. The program has been developed to conform to national industry competency standards. It focuses on the ability to apply and demonstrate the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude required in workplace situations.

Our training emphasises that integrating active environmental protection within construction activities limits impacts on the environment and delivers ongoing improvement in work practices and organisational performance. Completion of the course gives employees an understanding of how they can minimise environmental risk associated with construction activities and work to meet their legal and regulatory requirements.

Conservation and Land Management Training

Training courses are available to the rural sector and agencies in catchment management and soil and water conservation. We use lessons learnt from decades of experience to aid land managers in practical resource and environment conservation and sustainable land management.


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