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Hume Dam to Lake Mulwala Streamside Rehabilitation Program

The Hume Dam to Lake Mulwala Streamside Rehabilitation Program is part of the Soil Conservation Service (SCS) and provides support to landholders on private and public land (NSW & VIC). Works are undertaken  to improve streamside vegetation to reduce bank erosion, improve water quality and other environmental outcomes. . The program is funded by New South Wales, Victorian, South Australian, and the Commonwealth Governments through a joint program administered by the Murray-Darling Basin Authority.

The River Works Unit based in Albury (River works Coordinator & River Works Officer) & Howlong (Works Overseer and Works Crew) runs the rehabilitation program. The River Works Coordinator also reports to the Advisory Group for Hume to Yarrawonga Waterway Management. This group is composed of relevant stakeholders, landholders, government officials, council members and independent scientists.

The length of the River Murray between Hume Dam and Lake Mulwala is 200 kms, however a significant alluvial floodplain exists in this region that includes 43 major anabranches (floodplain channels) adding a further 160 kms of river length. This amounts to 720 kms of riverbank to manage.

Due to the nature, complexity and size of the project area, 15 individual River Management Plans were developed which correlate with the major anabranches. Each plan identifies appropriate management actions based on the environmental, social and economic values within that reach. The development phases of each plan include a condition assessment, conceptual design, consultation with landholders and stakeholders and a restoration plan, followed by implementation and monitoring of works.

The program also includes structural erosion control works such as log and rock revetment, fencing to exclude stock and to protect revegetation, and assistance with off-stream stock watering. Rehabilitation sites are planted with local native species of trees, shrubs, grasses and aquatic plants.

Due to the dynamic nature of this riverine environment and the impacts imposed on the health of the River Murray through human needs, this significant river rehabilitation program involves not only new works each year but the monitoring and maintenance of existing erosion control and revegetation works.

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For more information please contact your local Soil Conservation Service representative, or email scs.enquiries@scs.nsw.gov.au.

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