Farm Dams

Dams for Water Storage and Erosion Control

Farm dams for stock and domestic water supply, when located and constructed properly, greatly enhance the value and aesthetic appeal of any property. In addition to providing a reliable source of stock water, farm dams can be useful in controlling erosion:

  • reducing flows by storing runoff
  • trapping sediment on-site
  • blocking active gullies and diverting flows to a stable area
  • drowning-out active gully heads with stored water.

Lack of attention to the catchment runoff, water supply requirements, site selection, and standards for design and construction is likely to result in dam failure. Soil Conservation Service has particular expertise in locating dams to maximise water storage, field and laboratory testing to determine whether the soil is suitable, dam and spillway design and using the right construction technique for each situation.

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Polypipe Laying

To reduce water waste and conserve underground supplies, a program of replacing open bore drains with polypipe is being implemented across NSW. We have developed efficient pipe laying techniques, used for piping bores and reticulation of stock water around farms. 


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Page last updated/reviewed: 31 Mar 2014