Conservation Earthworks

Controlling runoff to prevent soil erosion, safely storing and distributing water, and rehabilitating eroded or disturbed areas are key elements in the sustainable management of properties and catchments. Well designed and constructed earthworks have proven to be a cost-effective and reliable measure for soil and water conservation. These works are a sound, long-term investment for private landholders and the community who are concerned about protecting their land assets.

Soil Conservation Service (SCS) is the commercial earthmoving and consulting division of the department. We have 35 bulldozers located across more than 30 centres throughout NSW. Our reputation for understanding client needs and providing realistic solutions is well known in rural NSW. Over the years, clients have greatly valued the skill level of our operators, particularly their efficiency and attention to detail.

We are committed to providing quality service for the right price, operating a modern and efficient fleet of bulldozers, and making substantial investments in training to develop all of our operators to the highest standard.


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Page last updated/reviewed: 31 Mar 2014