Lake Macquarie Foreshore Rehabilitation

Location: Pelican NSW

As a collapsed restaurant building was pulled from the channel of the largest saltwater lake in Australia, it became clear that the environment remaining post-demolition would need help.

The site that was once a car park and restaurant held so much potential as a public recreational area. This potential has been realised through the constructed mitigation solution developed and implemented by Soil Conservation Service.

The geo-container revetment and groyne have stabilised the site, addressing both environmental and public health and safety concerns. Sediment from the degraded bank is no longer entering the channel and bank stability is no longer a danger to members of the public.

A car park area has been formalised with surface drainage to minimise sediment transfer into the adjacent watercourse. The bank of the water course has been stabilised with sedimentary rock, providing a stable footing for endemic revegetation.

The groyne has increased the surface area of aquatic habitat available within the site and the adjoining bank has been rehabilitated into a turfed recreational area with associated native plantings.