1938 – The Bill was presented with amendments and passed on 6 October and came into force as the Soil Conservation Act on 28 October 1938. A very early piece of environmental legislation.

Sam Clayton was appointed Director of the Soil Conservation Service, a small unit within the Department of Mines and Forests.

1940 – Sam Clayton obtained part of the Cowra Experiment Farm from Department of Agriculture which became the Cowra Research Station for SCS.

1944 – SCS became part of the new Department of Conservation along with the Forestry Commission, and Water Conservation & Irrigation Commission

1947 – Earthmoving plant hire service commenced.

1976 – SCS was fully recognised by the Government when the Commissioner was recognised as a Permanent Head in terms of the Public Service Act 1902.

1990 – Business Operations group formed as a commercial activity in the SCS consisting of the earthmoving plant hire service, consultancy and fleet activities.

1991 – SCS incorporated with Lands into Department of Conservation and Land Management (CaLM) under ministry of G West (National) with significant downsize (13% of staff) in combined agency. The Business Operations group continued as an outer budget sector unit in CaLM.

1993 – CaLM was internally divided into four divisions one of which was named the Soil Conservation Service under the Ministry of George Souris. Business Operations continued as a separate unit in CaLM.

1997 – Business Operations renamed Soil Services and established as one of three business units within DLWC.

2003 – January 30 Soil Services in DLWC renamed the Soil Conservation Services.

2003 – April, Soil Conservation Service incorporated into the new Department of Lands.

2009 – Department of Lands was abolished and SCS became a division within Land and Property Management Authority (LPMA).

2011 – LPMA was abolished after a government restructure under the new Liberal/National coalition and SCS became a division of Department of Primary Industries within the Department of Trade & Investment, Regional Infrastructure & Services.

2017 - Soil Conservation Service was aligned with Local Land Services under NSW Department of Industry.

2018 - The Soil Conservation Service marks its 80th anniversary.