Sandringham Bay

Client- Rockdale City Council
Task- Sandringham bay Foreshore Stabilisation
Value- $738,802 including GST.
Date- 12/02/2015 - 10/04/2015


The Soil Conservation Service was engaged by Rockdale City Council to address the severe erosion issues along a 180m stretch of coastline along the Sandringham Bay Foreshore.

The limited construction area is bordered by private properties as well as containing a regional walk/ cycleway with high public use for the beach access as well as the park. Both the park and path/cycleway were at risk of being undercut by wave erosion and subsequently collapsing as the shoreline receded with previous stabilisation attempts failing. Several large Norfolk Island Pines had already been undercut by wave and storm erosion in recent years.


The primary objective was to reinforce the foreshore by construction of a rock revetment with a self-launching toe and armoured 1in3 slope extending 3m above the mean high tide mark. Over 5,500 tonnes of Sandstone was managed to create this revetment which was tied neatly into the existing park.

Works were undertaken in the minimal possible timeframe to avoid disruption to the regional cycleway.

Works Undertaken

All works undertaken in challenging within challenging environmental conditions and tidal constraints both with an excellent safety and environmental record.

  • Design Critique and adjustment
  • Site Planning and stockpiling
  • Excavation of Toe and underlay of geotextile material
  • Construction of Under armour layer
  • Construction of Armour Layer
  • Tying into existing landscapes and rock revetments
  • Revegetation
  • Site clean-up and de-commission

Sandringham bay before works commenced

Example of the site prior to the wall construction. Signs of previous stabilisation attempts by council and residents are apparent. The tide in this photo was high.

Sandringham Bay after works complete

This photo was taken standing on the new self-levelling toe approximately 10m further along the foreshore from the first photo.

Sandringham Bay Forershore Stabilisation Works


Rock revetment has stabilised shoreline and been tested by a large east coast low in April 2015. Visual Amenity and safety has been vastly improved.

The intertidal zone of the self-launching toe is already becoming habitat for marine life.

For more information please contact your local Soil Conservation Service representative, or email

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